March 28, 2013

Spring Yellow.

I'm on a little road trip in California and every thing is spring shiny yellow.
Bountiful blossoms in every shade of sunshine: 
Canary, Buttermilk, Buttercup, Cream, 
Lemon, Afternoon Sunlight, Dandelion, Chiffon Dream,
Custard, Banana, Chick and Duckling, Bee,
Corn, Pencil, Taxi Cab, Autumnal Tree.

I hope your day is filled with golden light, a blossom or two
and colors that make you think in pictures.

March 20, 2013

Summer Dreaming.

It's pouring this morning and gray and quite Marvember.
It's the time in Portland's spring weather where you want to throw
in the towel and move to Mexico. The February fake out is over,
March has moved in like a lion. It's cold and wet and muddy.
Most days I'm fine with it, but today I'm doing some summer dreaming.
Here is a shot from last summer when I spent almost
every evening I was in town down by the river.
I'd like to sit on my folding chair with my feet in the water
until I'm good and hot, make friends with dogs and children,
and then jump on in. July, I miss you.

March 8, 2013


I'm pretty mesmerized by it all these days, filled with wonder.
There are the small moments, like leaves caught in webs,
song lyrics that catch you in the heart, memories that come flooding back.
Then there are the bigger ones, the one's that make you take pause,
like looking into someone's eyes and seeing them and letting them see you,
the real you, not the only beautiful parts, but also the broken bits.
The deep family ties that you can't unknot even with a straight pin. 
And then there are the miraculous ones. The ebb and flow of the seasons changing.
The sunshine on my winter white skin, the folks coming out of hibernation,
bare feet on wet grass, blossoms to smell and bring inside and give away,
The bit of levity brought on by winter blue skies, daphne blooming, a single white feather.

March 5, 2013

Happy Birthday Poppy.

Today would have been my Dad's 70th Birthday.
The world lost a very good man too soon.
I was lucky enough to be his only child and got to enjoy:
 His warm singing voice and sweet guitar strumming,
His ability to write just what you needed to hear in a letter,
His hand on his belly deep down laugh,
His horrid "hobo hash" dinners when mom was out of town
(every can of beans in the cupboard thrown in a pot with salt),
And reversely His amazing Sunday waffles and fried eggs,
His weekend adventure drives to the sea to see if it was still there,
His "let's wait for the light to change" roadside photographic moments,
His father-daughter trips to ghost towns and islands with tandem bikes,
His true love of my Mom, His fierce protection of her, His family hug 'em ups,
His ability to admit mistakes and let them make him a better man,
His deep generosity of spirit, His open heart, His big bear hugs,
And His total love, which I never once questioned.

Judson Eugene Allen, you were a good good man.
Thank you for all that you were, all that you did,
the world is a better place for having had you in it.

March 3, 2013

Fort Adventure Dreams.

It's a fort making kind of day. I want to drape the old afghans over some 
wooden chairs, bring all the sofa cushions in, a flashlight, a stack of books,
 and You. It's a tent holiday of sorts, we can be anywhere and nowhere and
 hide under the covers until the world disappears. Please read aloud to me 
while I lay on my back and watch the world through granny square holes,
 the light shifting across the wall and fading out as the sun kisses the horizon.
Please lets sing a bit together, a sweet little song that we know most 
of the words to, if You have a guitar please strum along. Let's look at
picture books that make us want to draw and dream and play make believe.
I'll sneak out briefly to make us a pot of tea which we can drink in 
mismatched china with chips on the side our lips don't touch. You bring in 
a square of chocolate, a few slices of an apple sprinkled with cinnamon, 
and an almond or two and and we can nibble them like chipmunks working
 on their winter stores. I'll tell you the old stories, the ones that have been
 passed down like silver, heart to heart to heart over the years.
You'll tell me yours. And when the late evening comes, let's hibernate here 
like bears, until the yellow morning light comes peaking in.

Fort adventure dreams inspired by Julie Morstad's book, The Wayside.

March 1, 2013

Retail Spotlight: Birds And Bees Nursery.

Have you been wanting to make a misty little terrarium to grace a table at your home.
Well visit my friends down at Birds and Bees Nursery. Amanda and Caitlin would
be happy to help you build one at the "Make your Own Terrarium" station.
They also have a good smattering of plants, seeds, amendments, pots, watering cans,
books, chicks, and a whole array of my goods. You'll find originals, prints,
magnets, jewelry and greeting cards. One of the sweetest shops on the east side.
Go visit 'em. 37th and Gladstone in good old SE Portland.