March 30, 2015


Here's a big, Big, BIG giveaway in celebration of Spring!
If you have been interested in my Sketchbook Play class,
then this is the opportunity of the season for you!
I am offering one free spot in my next session of Sketchbook Play.
Class begins on April 15th and runs every Wednesday until May 20th,
 from 6-8:30pm here at Bird's Eye View Studio in inner NE Portland.

How do we win you say???
See all the details below!

To enter you must do two very easy steps.

Two: Comment on this blog post saying why you would love to join in on the fun!

The nitty gritty rules: 
One entry per person. 
Enter only if you can attend the 6 week class.
There is a small supply list that is not included in the free giveaway.
Winner will be drawn on Wednesday, April 8th at 10am.

Here is a description of class, if you don't win, there are still a few spots left,
we would love for you to join in the fun!

Sketchbook Play : The Art of Keeping a Visual Journal

Come learn to play, sketch, paint and record your daily life in a handmade book.
This class is geared for the sketch-phobic, the ultimate beginner,
 the "I always meant to," the "when I retire", the imperfectly perfect Artist in all of us.
No experience needed, no magical talents requested,
just bring your own wonderful self.

In this class we will spend the first week creating our very own long stitch bound
 sketchbook using vintage book covers, hot press watercolor paper, and waxed linen thread.
This simple bookbinding method is delightful because our books will open flat
 giving us full access to all of our pages. 

Weeks two through six we will learn the basics of contour drawing using everyday
 objects as our models. We will continue on learning about watercolor techniques, 
hand-lettering, fancy borders and more!

Classes will begin with a demonstration and are followed up with plenty of work time
which includes, coaching, and creative cheerleading from Suki.

We will study and draw botanicals, vintage household curiosities, gifts from the sea
 and forest, and anything else that strikes our fancy. We will embrace recording
our daily lives and objects in a visual format, which is such a treat to
look back through and treasure.

Dates: Wednesday's, April 15th-May 20th
Time: 6-8:30pm
Location: Bird's Eye View Studio, 
3934 NE 16th Ave. Portland, OR 97212
Cost: $175 plus a $25 material fee. 
Your material fee covers the cost of your handmade sketchbook
and an 02 micron pen. There is an additional small supply
list of a few brushes, and inexpensive set of watercolors
and a few pens.

Fingers and toes crossed for everyone!

March 25, 2015

Let Yourself Be Inspired.

It's so easy in this day and age to turn off our senses. 
We are all surrounded by so much noise, telephones, talking, traffic. 
We are encompassed in smells, sights, sounds, tastes.
But often we are so overwhelmed by all of this that we shut it out, tune it out, 
and skim along our lives with our bumper bubbles protecting us from the world.
I urge you once a day to practice the art of bringing to LIFE one of your senses.
It's easy to do in spring, there is so much color to witness, blossoms to sniff,
fresh greens to munch, birds calls to listen out for, and gradual warmth to feel.
Some folks find it easier to witness and tune into their senses sitting still,
others find they are more attune during a walk.
Where ever you find your sensory inspiration, take it in!
Let yourself be inspired.

Recently on a spring walk I came across this ravishingly beautiful tulip magnolia tree.
My great grandfather was a painter, and this was one of his constant subjects.
So I took a moment to stand beneath it, to gaze back in time to a man I never knew.
I let myself feel the intrinsic connection. And it inspired me.
So many shades of pink, golden-green tips of branch and leaf.
You never know where a sensation will take you...
then later in the studio this pink pattern wonder burst from my paint brush.

What is inspiring you creative friends?

March 15, 2015

Needle Felted Succulents.

Needle Felted Succulent class is here again!
Come join in this coming Saturday, March 21st 
from 10am-12:30pm here at Bird's Eye View Studio. 

Make a houseplant that doesn't require water, and will never die!

Email suki(at)birdseyeviewstudio(dot)com to register.
Class costs $30, and all supplies are included!

March 10, 2015

Sketchbook Play Class.

Many folks have wondered, what goes on in those Sketchbook Play classes!?!
Well, here is SOME of what we do...

Sketchbook Play is a class that I teach for beginning or intermediate drawers.
The purpose is to get better at drawing as well as solidifying a sketchbook practice.
Things we study include, but are not limited to: Contour drawing, the basics
of watercolor painting, cursive alphabets, hand-drawn alphabets, 
and of course hilarious inky portraits.

If you are looking to bring back some creativity into your life,
if you want to learn the fundamentals of bookmaking
and sketchbook keeping,
come join me!

Sketchbook Play
A series of six Wednesday evenings,
from April 15th - May 20th,  6-8:30pm
Bird's Eye View Studio
3934 NE 16th Ave. Portland, OR 97212
$175 w/ a $25 material fee,
and a very small supply list.

Email for more information and registration:
suki (at) birdseyeviewstudio (dot) com

March 6, 2015

Student Work: Beginning Needle Felting at OCAC.

Look at these amazing animals created in my Needle Felted Friends class
at Oregon College of Art and Craft last week!
Students learned all the basics of needle felting, while creating an amazing
managerie of animal friends, and also some plant life. 

If you are interested in learning needle felting, I have three upcoming classes:

Needle Felted Chickens
THIS Saturday, March 7th from 10-12:30pm
$30 All supplies included.

Needle Felted Succulents
Saturday, March 21st 10-12:30pm
$30 All supplies included.

Needle Felted Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf
Saturday, April 4th from 1-5pm
$40 All supplies included.

All classes are located at Bird's Eye View Studio
3934 NE 16th Ave. Portland, OR 97212
To register, email me at: suki(at)birdseyeviewstudio(dot)com.

Hope you'll join in the fun!

March 3, 2015

Colored Resin Tag Jewelry

Learn the art of mixing, COLORING, and pouring Ice Resin in this fun jewelry class. 

Colored Resin Tag Jewelry
Wednesday, March 11th 7-8:30pm
Bird's Eye View Studio
3934 NE 16th Ave
Portland, OR 97212
$30, all supplies included.