August 18, 2012

Mail Call.

I got the greatest package today from my friend Diane.
She is the best pen pal on the planet.

First off, her penmanship is scriptlicious.

Second, everything comes in a tiny envelope with more scripty goodness.

Third, you get the tiniest book ever created.
This one is the size of my thumb nail.

And forth you get a letter all the way from Indonesia.
Again, the mail service is incredible.

August 17, 2012

Farm Life.

I've been farm sitting.  And I am filled with good feels as Opal would say.
Morning chores, 100 degree heat sparkling on golden pasture, the sweet smell
of rotting apples and ripe plums, water to goats and sheep, scratching a sweet 
dogs ruff, watching ducks parade into shade, testing electric fences, swimming
in a river to cool down, making art underneath a cherry tree, teaching new dogs
old tricks, watching the sunset, washing up, sleeping out. Perfect day.

August 16, 2012

Art Camp 2012.

Last week I had the pleasure of teaching at Lori Shippy's Art Camp.
It's an artful gathering of children of all ages for a week long art making adventure.
The kids worked on drawing, sculpting, natural dying and of course jumping double dutch.

I brought in some roving and together we made a fantastic collection of felted river rocks.

Everybody had fun learning to wet felt.

We made rocks in blues, greens, greys and white.

Even the parents joined in.

Art camp is not only special because of all the art making and creative time.
But also because all the proceeds go to support the Togo Well Project,
helping to bring fresh clean drinking water to many communities.

Thanks Lori for inviting me to be part of such an inspirational week.

August 8, 2012

Succulent Love.

Look at this delicious succulent garden.
I found it in San Francisco on my last trip home.
What a good idea!

August 4, 2012

Pop Allen Paintings.

Pop Allen, my Great Grandfather was a California landscape painter.
His work is in every home in my family as he was perpetually prolific.
Here are a few works that hang in my Mom's beach cottage.

I never had the pleasure of meeting him in person.
But his work reminds me that there is so much one can leave behind,
that lasts generations.  There is Art, Music, Saying and Quotes.
So many in my family die too young...
But so wonderful that we get to know them even if we never meet.

H. Judson Allen, I would have liked to watched you with a paintbrush in your hand.