Suki Allen is influenced by nature, farming, and the wild spaces of the
Pacific Northwest. Her inspiration comes from her garden, what grows
on the forest floor, what the sea washes up, and the animal friends she
makes along the way. At this moment in time Suki is working in scratchboard,
collage and watercolor, although she is apt to follow any create vein
that presents itself including fiber arts, printmaking, and bookmaking.

Suki is also proud to teach creative classes to the young, the old, 
and everyone in between. Both novices and veterans are invited to her teaching table.
Suki holds classes in printmaking, mixed media, painting and drawing,
needle felting, resin jewelry, sketchbook arts, and collage.
Follow the class link on the top bar for more information.
Suki encourages you to take a class, there is nothing more satisfying for her
than a classroom full of bright eyed students, come be one of them!

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