July 30, 2014

Art Camp: Drawing and Painting

Art Camp at OCAC has been a blast! 
Here are a few delayed pictures from the Drawing and Painting tent from a few weeks back.
 The kids and I worked on contour drawing and color mixing, it was FUN.
Everyone was amazed that out of three little primary colors we could
mix every color of the rainbow, including brown and gray.
We delighted in making color wheels,
I think we could have made them each and every day.
Stay tuned for more pictures from my current post in the Book Arts tent...

July 10, 2014

Sketchbookery Class with the FABULOUS Mary Ann Moss.

I am having the BEST summer adventure taking Mary Ann Moss' Sketchbookery Class.
It's terrifically fun to be sketching daily, not caring HOW it turns out, just PLAYING!
Such a great break from the production work of making art to sell. Additionally,
it is inspiring to be on the other end of the teaching table, I'm learning new tricks!
We are exploring contour drawing, color mixing, bookmaking and now lettering.
I stitched up this sweet little sketchbook repurposing a very worn leather book,
I love thinking about who Robert Griffen is, and what he would think of me cutting
apart his lovely book. I think he might be tickled. I'm obsessed with color mixing,
so of course the first page of my journal became a little color mixing chart.

Supplies I have been experimenting with are: Microns (who can live without them!),
Pentel Color Brush pens, Aqua Pens, Staedtler Lumocolor pens, Cotman watercolors,
and a variety of gouache paints. I am mostly working on Fabriano hot press paper, LOVE it!

July 7, 2014

The Visit.

One sunny summer afternoon Dottie heard a peck at the door...

"Hello Hazel, what a wonderful surprise to find you flapping by!"

"Do come in, I'd love some company, I've been feeling cooped up all morning."

"But if you wouldn't mind just wiping your beak first."

"Can we say persnickety?!" Whispered Hazel under her breath.

"Make yourself comfortable Hazel, come roost and we will have a chat." Clucked Dottie.

"Wait, is that cracked corn?! I LOVE cracked corn!! Would you mind if I had just a pinch?"
Hazel reached her beak over to have a closer look.

Dottie did not like what she was seeing.

"Actually Hazel, I think I'm feeling an egg coming on. Perhaps it's time for you to go."

"I know how that goes Dottie, I hope we can flock together again soon."
"My schedule is really scrambled Hazel, let me get everything in pecking order,
then I'll give you a call."

"Nobody messes with my cracked corn, NOBODY."