July 7, 2014

The Visit.

One sunny summer afternoon Dottie heard a peck at the door...

"Hello Hazel, what a wonderful surprise to find you flapping by!"

"Do come in, I'd love some company, I've been feeling cooped up all morning."

"But if you wouldn't mind just wiping your beak first."

"Can we say persnickety?!" Whispered Hazel under her breath.

"Make yourself comfortable Hazel, come roost and we will have a chat." Clucked Dottie.

"Wait, is that cracked corn?! I LOVE cracked corn!! Would you mind if I had just a pinch?"
Hazel reached her beak over to have a closer look.

Dottie did not like what she was seeing.

"Actually Hazel, I think I'm feeling an egg coming on. Perhaps it's time for you to go."

"I know how that goes Dottie, I hope we can flock together again soon."
"My schedule is really scrambled Hazel, let me get everything in pecking order,
then I'll give you a call."

"Nobody messes with my cracked corn, NOBODY."

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