March 20, 2013

Summer Dreaming.

It's pouring this morning and gray and quite Marvember.
It's the time in Portland's spring weather where you want to throw
in the towel and move to Mexico. The February fake out is over,
March has moved in like a lion. It's cold and wet and muddy.
Most days I'm fine with it, but today I'm doing some summer dreaming.
Here is a shot from last summer when I spent almost
every evening I was in town down by the river.
I'd like to sit on my folding chair with my feet in the water
until I'm good and hot, make friends with dogs and children,
and then jump on in. July, I miss you.


  1. Hang in there friend! It is likewise here in Canterbury! Maybe you should bundle up, and go into the woods and search for a little bud pushing up in the dirt...listen to the little birds singing so sure that Spring is right around the corner!


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