March 8, 2013


I'm pretty mesmerized by it all these days, filled with wonder.
There are the small moments, like leaves caught in webs,
song lyrics that catch you in the heart, memories that come flooding back.
Then there are the bigger ones, the one's that make you take pause,
like looking into someone's eyes and seeing them and letting them see you,
the real you, not the only beautiful parts, but also the broken bits.
The deep family ties that you can't unknot even with a straight pin. 
And then there are the miraculous ones. The ebb and flow of the seasons changing.
The sunshine on my winter white skin, the folks coming out of hibernation,
bare feet on wet grass, blossoms to smell and bring inside and give away,
The bit of levity brought on by winter blue skies, daphne blooming, a single white feather.

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  1. What a beautiful post.

    And oh how we long for the sunshine, especially here in Oregon where it can be so fleeting.


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