May 24, 2010

Silver Spoons to Garden Markers.

This week, I taught some amazing women
how to turn silver spoons
into garden markers.

Here is a little peak at the final product.

First you pound pound pound your silver spoon flat.

Here are the tools you will need.

You can get metal embossing alphabets at Collage!
You use these to stamp the letters in next!

Everything is more fun in a group!
Look at these gals go!
We had a blast...

When you are done you can use alcohol ink
or a sharpie to fill in the letters
and give them more definition.

Look what they made!
Check out the Collage blog for more info
on Green Craft Classes.
I teach them every month,
and we use something old to make something new!

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  1. Those are fun!

    I use knives for garden markers, but usually the knife is the 'stake' with a metal tag hanging from it.


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