May 10, 2010

A busy few weeks...

Phew...What a busy few weeks it has been!

Here's my little shop at the Rieke Elementary Art Fair.

And my shop at Crafty Wonderland.

Both were very fun sales,
and I loved seeing all my crafty buddies.
I also got some amazing trades.
Go see my new friend Leah at
RustBelt FiberWerks for some screen printed treats.

Then I taught some "beginners"
how to carve and print linoleum blocks.
I think they were faking me out
when they said they had never carved before...
look at these awesome images!
I was SO proud of them!

And then my partner and I threw a surprise party
for our friend Saskia, who is finishing her
first year as a high school principal.
We spent a few days readying the yard and house,
I was in heaven.

I don't think I love anything more than making
our yard and home beautiful...
with my partner at my side. Love you Kris.

And I also love a table of good food
and good friends on a warm spring evening.
I think it might be magic.


  1. It looks like you had a great time. Love your yard!

    Love your artwork too!

    I have yet to get to a Crafty Wonderland show.

  2. Oh, how I miss those gatherings!

  3. Oh Katie B, How we miss YOU!
    Thanks Carole!


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