April 23, 2010

New work at a the Art Fair.

Come see me at the
Rieke Elementary Art Fair on Sunday,
and check out these new Bird Blocks from
the Lock and Key Series.

There will also be new Scratch Board prints,
but those are a secret until Sunday!

Hope you'll swing on by!


  1. Those are so sweet!

    Btw, I know that you work with scratchboard and was wondering where you buy it?

    I played around with scratchboard years ago when I worked at a local stamp store, but can't seem to find it locally these days. I'd love to play with it again.

  2. Carole, You can find it in stock at Columbia Art Supply.
    But I am always happy to special order it for you at Collage.
    I just need 2 weeks prior notice! Scratchboard is so much fun,
    and uses a printmaking mind...so you are well on your way!

  3. Thanks! And thanks for the offer to order it. I'll let you know. :-)


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