June 2, 2010

The bash.

I just got back from the Bash...
What is the Bash you say?
It's the best camping this side of the Mississippi.
My families fantastic friends Steve and Janet
own the beautiful Yellow Dog Ranch
in Northern California,
where 75+ of their closest friends
come to camp every year,
and revel in good food,the gorgeous hills,
camp fires, jeep rides,
a big hill flying over swing,
and fantastic folks.
Biggest of thanks to Janet and Steve,
love you guys BIG.

This year the wild flowers were outrageous.
Here are some wild Iris.

Fuzzy Cat's Ear.

And the star of the show,
an organic origami wonder...
Diogenes Lantern!


  1. Love the first photo! I would love to roll down that hill and being eye level with those wild flowers. OMG. Fuzzy Cat's Ear! I've never heard of it. It's beautiful!

  2. And lucky you....you got to experience some sunshine!

  3. Ah yes, rolling down hills is fun. You should see the cat's ears...you would want to draw them for sure! And yes Carole...the sunshine was SO nice!


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