November 16, 2015

Wet Felted Slipper Class at Penfelt Studio.

Wow! You know what's REALLY fun?? Getting together with a group of 
your best girlfriends and taking a class together!
This month I gathered a gaggle of gals and we headed over to PenFelt Studio,
and learned to wet felted slippers from the effervescent LeBrie Rich!

Here are a few of our finished slippers, I wear mine obsessively.

LeBrie has mounds of beautifully colored roving,
and some of her whimsical collages feel just right next to all those colorful balls.

Here we are, "working" away, truly it's more like playing away.

On the right is LeBrie, helping Charla try on her slippers.

Happy ladies with joyous slippers! Look at these bunny eared guys!

Every time I take a class, I am elated at the end! 
It's SO MUCH FUN to create, to learn, and to make something by hand. 

I am also so happy when I am on the teaching side of the table,
helping YOU build your creative confidence and skills.

Did you know here at Bird's Eye View Studio I also offers private classes?
All we need is a group of four folks, and you can learn anything from
needle felting, to bookmaking, to painting and drawing.
Let me know if I can help make a FUN day for a group of your pals!

And MANY thanks to LeBrie, you are a complete joy! xo

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