July 29, 2015

Wedding Lace Rocks.

For our wedding, I decided I wanted to paint a lace rock for everyone who attended.
People thought I was down right nuts. They encouraged me to take on something easier.
But, I like a good challenge, and I've been told I like doing things the hard way...
so here's what they looked like in the end!

Over 120 stones, one for each of the people we love, and who came to cheer on our love.

Each one a little bit different from the next.

And yet also somewhat alike.

Here is what Lace Rocks mean to me:

The stone itself is weighty, like the commitment of marriage.
It isn't something to take lightly, 
and with its weight come solidity and groundedness.
These stones are circular, but not perfectly, 
like a good marriage there are a few lumps and bumps.
And the lace paintings are delicate, and must be made with care,
like the vows we made on that day and will keep for each other.
And in the end, the play of weight and delicacy,
light and dark, simpleness and complexity,
are just like we are, and how all of our lives are, a balance.

So happy to have made them, and so happy to be married to my favorite human,
who is both wonderfully simple and deeply complex.


  1. These are so beautiful, Suki, as is your description of them and marriage. George and I are so very sorry we missed your precious day, but hope to see you soon in Yachats. You can come to the Montanye B&B anytime! Wishing you both all the best.

    1. Thanks Mama Mary. I hope your writing time was splendid. Sending the biggest of hugs.

  2. Adorable!! It is just a brilliant idea. I am a newbie event planner and have never thought of this. Thanks for the idea dear! I am just making a list of the best event locations in NYC that I can use to suggest the venues to my clients. Please suggest some NYC venues that I can add to my list!

  3. This is a lovely idea for a wedding! They are beautiful, as is your description of what they mean to you.


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