April 24, 2015

Lace Mandala Rocks.

I've been back at it for a few weeks, painting lace rocks.
It's very meditative and calming to paint these guys, or maybe they're gals?
 I enjoy that all of them have the same elements, and yet come out very differently.
Kind of like us humans!

I start in the center painting a single circle, and then make even-ish petals from there.
Adding scallops, dots, lines tear drops, and little antenna shapes.
I keep circling around and around, and slowly I'm so focused on these lace mandalas
that the world melts away and it's just me and some lines.
My thoughts ease, the elves come out (you know, those super creative little characters
 that live inside you and are very happy to help you make some terrific art), 
and pretty soon I'm in an ecstatic state of mandala bliss.

Want to make some of your own? Collect some flat-ish round rocks,
buy some Daler-Rowney FW acrylic ink and a number 1 round brush, and GO TO TOWN! 

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