November 24, 2014

Upcoming Class: Basic Collage.

Have you been wanting to make a collage?
Perhaps you've been stashing away paper like a crafty squirrel?
Or maybe you are a shy drawer, but still want to make some art?
Maybe you've even tried to make a collage, but it came out a wrinkly mess?
Sounds like January's collage class would be a great fit for you!

We work with gobs of great papers and images.

We talk about composition,

color combinations,

 and we talk a lot about which glues to use, and how to apply them.

Everybody creates a unique, one of a kind, piece of collage art,
that reflects something about themselves.

Below are examples of student work, each its own unique masterpiece.

Come join me in the world of paper bliss!

Saturday, January 17th 10-1pm
at Bird's Eye View Studio
3934 NE 16th Ave. Portland, OR
Class is $25 and ALL supplies are included.
Just bring your own wonderful self!

Email suki (at) birdseyeviewstudio (dot) com to sign up.

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