September 15, 2014

Art Camp Finale.

What a summer it was! So much teaching, so many exuberant children,
SO many books and prints. It was a whirl wind that I am just now coming out from.
Here are some pictures of what the littles and I were up to this summer.
I am sad to not share their smiling faces with you, but we will let them remain children
for a bit longer, and keep them out of the lime light. 

Together the wee ones and I glued and sewed together over 500 books.
We printed hundreds and hundreds of Artist Trading Cards.
We wrote alphabets in fancy fonts,
practiced our cursive,
and read many many stories about creative adventures.

The second best thing to being at summer camp,
is teaching summer camp.

I will be teaching with Oregon College of Arts and Crafts a bunch more this year.
If you have a child who loves to create, come join us in the adventures!

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