April 1, 2014

Building a Year.

Today is the anniversary of moving into my home,
 and I am busy pondering the amazing lives we can create in a short period of time. 
For me, this has been a year of building. 

I have nested and turned my house into my home, 
a place I feel reflects me. It contains all of my favorite things,
memories of ones I love, objects of beauty, tools that are useful,
and animals of a fur and feather variety that provide daily entertainment.

I have built a business, one where I work for myself.
My deepest joy arrives during teaching, helping others uncover and
discover creativity and creation. And my studio continues
to be a place of personal growth, where Art has space unfurl.

I have grown a garden, abundant, wild, crazy, unkept and also tame.
I have watched seeds turn into plants, flowers, fruit.
I have eaten with wild abundance raspberries, apricots, and tomatoes.
Watching the cycle of life, growth, death and decay fills me with a calm joy.

And lastly I have found and cultivated a deep love.
Thank you Philip for a year of deep laughter, growth, and sweetness.
You are the kindest human I know and I feel so lucky 
to share this life with you.


  1. Wow! Looks like heaven! I love your decorating style as well as your artwork.

  2. Beautiful photographs Suki. I envy you (yes, I truly do) your lovely home. Craftsman Bungalows? I've always loved them. And seriously, your studio space is to die for. What I wouldn't give. lol

    You sound really, really happy. :-)


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