February 5, 2013

Road Trip, Day Twenty Six: Davis, CA.

Sometimes things don't go as planned.
Today the plan was to drive to Ashland, stay in a little cottage,
be in the arms of Oregon. But here I am in Davis, CA.
The car is in the shop, I'm in a nowhere USA hotel,
and I get a chance to practice going with the flow.
And sometimes you get just what you need,
even if you don't know you need it.

Great sunny day walking around downtown Davis,
smelled the local bookshop, did some thrifting,
took myself to the movies, ate a makeshift salad in the bed of the hotel.
And the gift of it all is that mostly we get to be happy anywhere.
We get to choose joy. We get to choose adventure even in the face
of frustration or disappointment. The world is full, truly filled
with opportunities. Today I see that, and am so grateful.

And the world is also full of helpers.
Thanks to the kind guys at Jiffy Lube, the AAA tow truck driver, 
and the folks at AAMCO who were kind and calm when it seemed
like the car was going to explode. It's a fantastic window
with a view when you get to see the humanness of people
and you get to let them see it in you.

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