January 30, 2013

Road Trip, Day Twenty: Conservatory of Flowers, San Francisco.

Mom and I spent the late morning wandering the humid greenhouses of the
Conservatory of Flowers. A delight for all the senses. Beauty for the eyes,
textures, shapes and colors. Beauty for the nose, orchids with their sweet 
and sensual perfume. Beauty for the skin and ears, as the mist hisses
and fills the air with moisture that reminds me of the rain forests of Costa Rica.
I suppose taste was left out, but we ate a delicious meal of smoked fish and salad
later in the day. They also had a photo booth set up in the middle of the Conservatory,
and we had too much fun and cried with laughter at the results. We also visited the 
the Japanese Garden. So calm and orderly after the wild vivacious abundance
at the Conservatory. Both places and styles bring happiness to parts of my brain
and heart. I love the wild abandon, but I also love the precise control.
It was a beautiful day in the City by the Bay, blue skies, warm, no jacket required.

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