January 13, 2013

Road Trip, Day Three: Bandon.

Woke to crispness. Visited friends on Yachats River Road where it was 26 degrees.
Fantastical frost clinging to vines, fence posts, each and every blade of grass.
Then headed south, faced into the sun all day. Crisp blue skies, never made it much 
above freezing, although gorgeous driving weather. Landed in Bandon mid day.
Staying in a yurt at Bullards Beach State Park. Great place to spend the night.
So many moments today that made me say Yes Please.
Yes, Please to wild Oregon, to mountain after mountain of shaggy evergreens,
cliffs and dunes with jetting into crashing waves, funky beach towns with
their collection of characters, agate beaches, old sea dogs, and silver sliver moons.

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