July 12, 2012

Write a Letter.

I admit it, I am hopelessly in love with the US postal service.
I think it is amazing that for a mere forty five cents
a little bit of love can leave my post box and get all the way to yours.

I just sent my friend Diane, who is living in Indonesia, a package today.
For less than five dollars that little bundle is jetting over the ocean.

My goal for this week is to send three letters to people I love.
It's my way of supporting the USPS and all our fabulous mail carriers.
A special shout out to Willie, mail carrier extraordinaire, 
who's birthday was this week.
Check out all the work the National Association of Letter Carriers
is doing to help save the postal system.

And don't forget to send a letter or two.

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  1. I just got a hand written note from my grandma today. I had mailed her photos from a family event so she wrote to say thank you, even though she already thanked me on the phone. snail mail rocks!



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