August 5, 2011

Museum of Contemporary Craft.

I feel so lucky to be hanging in the Museum of Contemporary Craft.
The museum approached Cathy and Torie of Crafty Wonderland,
to see if they wanted to do a Pop Up Shop in the museum,
and I was picked to participate. So excited!

So head over to the Museum of Contemporary Craft,
check out the show.
Nikki McClure's show opens August 18th,
don't miss it!

My work is even in the window! What fun!


  1. Suki, this is amazing! So proud of you!!!

  2. Suki, Suki, how deserved this is! We couldn't be prouder, and just yesterday we hung our birds in our new house! I want to know more about that tree in the window! It's gorgeous! Love, and congrats from your McNealeebobs

  3. Zannie...This is VERY COOL...You are such a terrific artist. I'm in love with all your work....(and I love the gnomes as they look a little bit like me!)....Love, A.Pc

  4. Thanks guys! I feel really lucky to be there. And I am excited because they have already asked for a restock on goods! Woo hoo!


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