September 11, 2010

I just got back from an amazing trip to the
San Juan Islands. My partner and I spend
8 days in vacation bliss...

Sunrise ferry to Orcas Island.

Foggy morning at Mountain Lake.

Heart stopping owl spotting.

Crabbing cove.

Outstanding rock collecting beach
on San Juan Island.
Bulging pockets filled
with future feather rocks.

The twisted red delights of Madrona trees.
Iceberg Point on Lopez.
Perhaps heaven on earth.

Sunset on Lopez.
Just Kris, myself and
fifty or so seals.

If this farms comes up for sale...
I'm moving!

Top ten things to love about Orcas:

1. Taking a ferry to get there.
2. Slower Island life, no stop lights,
top speed 40 miles an hour.
3. Forest, meets field, meets calm sea water.
4. Local food grown on the island.
Whether cooked in a home kitchen,
or eaten at Rose's, a delicious treat
every time.
4. Creative living.
From pottery to painting to
fences made of mattress springs,
creativity thrives.
5. Deer, very cute.
6. Places to climb.
Hikes that take you to spectacular
views and vistas. And moss,
foxglove, and evergreens
along the way.
7. The quiet.
8. Hand painted signs,
no billboards.
9. Orca whales.
10. A wonderous place to
be in love.

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  1. Lovely photos, Suki! I just had another great trip to Orcas and San Juan Island two weekends ago. Even though I'm a Floridian at heart, and constantly miss home, I could live on Orcas - one of my favorite places ever. I got to show the island to a friend who was visiting for the first time and we went pottery crazy on Orcas.


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