November 28, 2009

Just back from Hawaii. It was amazing.
I swam with turtles, hundreds of yellow fish,
and was warm for days and days!

Come see my tomorrow at the Secret Society Sale,
and I'll tell you all about it!

Sunday, November 29th 11Am-5pm
116 NE Russell (Next to the Wonder Ballroom)

And look forward for some Hawaii pictures as soon
as I unpack the camera!


  1. looks like you have been very busy! hope the Secret Society Sale went well for you.


  2. Hello - I met you in Collage and you advised me to burnish my head before burnishing my print, which sounds like a good plan. Anyhow, I poked around your your site - you've done some beautiful work! I love your White Crowned Sparrow. Sheesh. Keep on rockin!


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