September 16, 2010

Support Art Education!

Last weekend Lori Shippy and I
did our first Flash Mob,
in support or art education.

20+ Portland area Art Teachers
and Artists came together
to create an amazing mural.

Check it out below:
Click on pic to link to
You Tube video...

And here are a few still shots
from the day.

Myself (right) and May (left)
the organizer of the event.

Lori working away.

Love the detail we
achieved in such a short time.

All done.

Thanks Lori for being
such a fun gal to know!


  1. Suki,

    Thanks for your help with this project and for posting these great photos on your blog.

    Peter Parks
    Husband of May Wallace
    &Video from the ladder

  2. Super fun day with SUN! Thanks for sharing it with me:)

  3. Wow! That's amazing! I'm sorry that I didn't see it in person. What a great thing to do.


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