July 27, 2015

Up, Down and All Around.

Hello Creative Friends.
It's been quite a month here on life's roller coaster.
Philip and I tied the knot on July 19th, best day EVER.
So wonderful to be encircled by our closest family and friends as we said our self written vows.
Philip turned over to me the next morning and said, "I miss our wedding ceremony."
I agreed whole heartedly. It was magic.

And then, just a week later, tragedy struck.
Our 17 year old cat became really really sick. He had been battling kidney disease,
and the struggle became too big. We made the gut wrenching decision to end his suffering.
This was by far the hardest decision either of us has ever made.
I had told Kinder (our cat) when he got diagnosed with kidney disease to tell me when it was time,
and he did, in a very quiet way. As a family of two humans who work from home, the loss of our little furry co-worker is giant. But we will slowly sew back up this hole in our hearts, together.

These two back to back events show me the ability of our heart to expand and contract, 
and then re-expand. As well as the depth of our capability to feel, love, and heal, which is immense.
All of this also reminds me of our tremendous ability to create, and that LIFE IS SHORT,
so we'd better sit down to the drawing board and get something down on paper.

So today I am getting these words down on paper, and when I finish I will work up a little drawing in my sketchbook, which has been set aside for weeks now during all these turns in the road.
I urge you all to do the same. Take a pause, get out the pencil or pen, and make your mark.

If you'd like some inspiration, or a new creative adventure, check out the classes tab up top.
August's class schedule has just been released, I'd love to see you in class soon.

Wishing for you all tremendous love.

(Kinder in his super-relaxed happy place.)


  1. Hi Suki.....You probably don't remember me, but I used to take quite a few classes from you when you taught at Collage.

    I just recently found out that you got married. So happy for you! Congratulations!

    As for Kinder, my husband and I know the pain that comes with the heart wrenching decision that you had to make. We lost our cat Turbo to kidney disease a couple of years ago. He too, was 17. We still miss him (and all of our kitties who have gone on) very much.

    Anyway, again, congratulations! Nice to be 'in touch' again, even if only by following along. :)


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