March 10, 2015

Sketchbook Play Class.

Many folks have wondered, what goes on in those Sketchbook Play classes!?!
Well, here is SOME of what we do...

Sketchbook Play is a class that I teach for beginning or intermediate drawers.
The purpose is to get better at drawing as well as solidifying a sketchbook practice.
Things we study include, but are not limited to: Contour drawing, the basics
of watercolor painting, cursive alphabets, hand-drawn alphabets, 
and of course hilarious inky portraits.

If you are looking to bring back some creativity into your life,
if you want to learn the fundamentals of bookmaking
and sketchbook keeping,
come join me!

Sketchbook Play
A series of six Wednesday evenings,
from April 15th - May 20th,  6-8:30pm
Bird's Eye View Studio
3934 NE 16th Ave. Portland, OR 97212
$175 w/ a $25 material fee,
and a very small supply list.

Email for more information and registration:
suki (at) birdseyeviewstudio (dot) com


  1. Is anyone allowed to join the class? Is there age requirements?

  2. Hello! Thanks for your inquiry about ages. This class is geared for adults, 16 years to 100 years old. Let me know if you'd like to join in!


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