March 25, 2015

Let Yourself Be Inspired.

It's so easy in this day and age to turn off our senses. 
We are all surrounded by so much noise, telephones, talking, traffic. 
We are encompassed in smells, sights, sounds, tastes.
But often we are so overwhelmed by all of this that we shut it out, tune it out, 
and skim along our lives with our bumper bubbles protecting us from the world.
I urge you once a day to practice the art of bringing to LIFE one of your senses.
It's easy to do in spring, there is so much color to witness, blossoms to sniff,
fresh greens to munch, birds calls to listen out for, and gradual warmth to feel.
Some folks find it easier to witness and tune into their senses sitting still,
others find they are more attune during a walk.
Where ever you find your sensory inspiration, take it in!
Let yourself be inspired.

Recently on a spring walk I came across this ravishingly beautiful tulip magnolia tree.
My great grandfather was a painter, and this was one of his constant subjects.
So I took a moment to stand beneath it, to gaze back in time to a man I never knew.
I let myself feel the intrinsic connection. And it inspired me.
So many shades of pink, golden-green tips of branch and leaf.
You never know where a sensation will take you...
then later in the studio this pink pattern wonder burst from my paint brush.

What is inspiring you creative friends?

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