January 14, 2013

Road Trip, Day Four: Trinidad.

Wonder is the word for today and also awe...truly.
Began the day in Bandon, OR beside cranberry bogs and blueberry farms.
Drove into California on the Redwood Highway. 
I found a new religion: Redwood Trees. More pictures tomorrow.
I think I pulled the old Volvo wagon over two dozen times 
to stare in amazement at the sheer beauty of this coastline.
There were beaches to explore, rocks to be collected, 
floating bobs of redwood bark to be rescued from waves.
I arrived in Trinidad in the late afternoon. Fishing boats were floating.
Folks were walking their dogs. Surfers were cresting waves, losing the ride
and getting back up. Crabbers were preparing for a midnight harvest.
The shapes of these rocks are breathtaking, erosion is relentless,
we are all always changing...even the rocks.

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