December 14, 2012

Gifting with Intention.

Today I'm packaging up some local handmade goodies for my best gals.
So much of the holidays worries me, the rushing, the excessive buying,
the plastic, the build up that seems to send us over cliffs of disappointment.
But there is something in preparing a small gift for someone you love with intention.
Taking a moment to share some of your gratitude that these people exist,
are in your life, and that you truly love and admire them, I believe is what
this holiday season is all about. There is so much thankfulness that I would 
like to share, especially with girlfriends...who see you through and see the real you.

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  1. I envy you having such wonderful friends. The 'girls' I had have all scattered now and we rarely keep in touch, and it's difficult to make new friends in this day of electronic communication. Living rural as I do doesn't help. lol


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