November 23, 2012


I have so many things in life to be thankful for...

Here is an incomplete list.

I am thankful first and foremost for my mother.
She birthed me into this world, raised and loved me,
and is my rock in all storms.
My life would not exist or be as full without her.

I am thankful for friendships.
Old, cherished, ancient ones that will be in my life forever.
New, fresh, exciting ones that bring spontaneity and verve.
And especially the rekindled ones, that give me hope
that things come back around and that broken
things can be mended.

I am thankful for farmland, open roads and sea.
I know that I would not have survived this summer 
in one piece without them.  
Thank you Oregon for being such a beautiful state.

I am thankful for animals. 
Who grace our lives with unconditional love,
are up for spontaneous adventure,
and who's antics provide hours of distracting entertainment.

I am thankful for hard work.
Which helps me reach further than I thought I could.
Helps me realize my own strength and endurance.
And creates a release for a busy mind.

I am thankful for good food, great books,
and time to learn, grow and share.
In a months time I will begin a six month artistic retreat 
on the Oregon coast.  Stay tuned for more adventure...

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  1. I envy you, and how wonderful! A new adventure is always good for the soul.


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