March 14, 2010

An Award!

Wow! Diane just gave me this Award for my blog.
Thanks Diane!

Here are the rules for receiving this award:

1. Post an image of the award.
2. Thank the person who gave it to me.
3. Link to the person who gave it to me.
4. Tell ya'll 7 things about myself that you wouldn't know
5. Chose 7 great bloggers to give this award to.
6. Link to their blogs.
7. Leave them a message on their blog. we go!

#1: I love chickens. I love how they sound,
I love their feathers, I love how they walk...I love them.
I used to have chickens...and my Mom was known to have said,
"I have Grand-Chickens!" We don't have chickens now,
but in a few years on the Dream Farm, we will.

#2: I also love eggs. I love the shape, the idea that something
can grow in a little shell, and plus chicken eggs are yummy.
Note I am not an adventurous egg eater, I only eat chicken eggs,
get those enormous Ostrich eggs away from me.

#3. I am a reluctantly joyful hiker.
My partner is an outdoors person.
She is always running, farming, gardening, and hiking.
She always asks me to come, and I do out of this sense of
wanting to be outdoorsy, but with a shadow of laziness
covering the whole thing. But once I am in nature,
I feel more alive than anywhere else,
even more than being in my studio.
I am SO lucky to have a motivated partner.
I have reluctantly but joyfully climbed South Sister.
(Of course motivated by my partner.)

#4. I am either crazy messy, or insanely clean.
Sometimes I don't let people in my studio, because it looks
like a paper bomb went off. And other times EVERYthing
is put away, labeled, tagged, sorted (by color), and in it's place.

#5. My mom is fantastic.
She loves to camp. She loves to garden.
She loves roses and sweet peas.
She loves to read fiction, poetry, and the morning paper.
She is wise, beautiful and kind.
I feel so lucky to have her in my life.

#5. I love to swing, but I hate heights.

#6. I don't like snakes. I do like tulips.
I like to take walks at dusk and spy in lit windows.

#7. And I am a little addicted to Halva.

Seven blogs I adore and award...
The lovely Maya at Maya Made,
Abby Try Again (for colorful inspiration),
The Design Alphabet, and last but not least, Stephanie Levy!
Thanks to all these folks for their Art, Craft,
and fantastic blogging inspiration!


  1. Thank so much, Suki! I love your list... really LOVE it! I can relate to so much of it, especially 1 and 4!

  2. I love chickens too!!!! Love them! they are gorgeous and there are just so many varieties! That just cracked me up when i read that! Happy award! :)


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